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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The I'm Leaving for Chicago on Thursday checklist

1. Birthday package of burned CDs for sister mailed overnight after reburning onto CDs that actually play somewhere beside a computer: Check
2. Discovery of weird postal rule that packages can't be mailed in an alcohol box: Check
3. Eyebrow wax by terrifying and sadistic Korean women who waxes while screaming at coworkers in Korean: Check
4. Unnecessary purchase of body cream too large to take in check-on luggage: Check
5. Repeated lamenting to bored friends over missing hip hop show at Paolo & Muzik Fest: Check
6. Neurotic worrying about Nero: Check & ongoing
7. Laundry minus handwashing of overpriced underwear: Check
8. Preparations for next week's issue minus the last thing I still need to do that is currently out of my control because I'm waiting on an email: Check
9. Finalization of this week's issue: Ditto, minus the e-mail
10. Charging of all electronic gadgets going on trip (laptop, ipod, phone): pending
11. Getting of cash: Pending
12. Getting of gas: Pending
13. Tracking down of flight itinerary, last seen on refrigerator: Pending
14. Dusting of surfaces so as to not return home to disgusting, dirty house: Negotiable.
15. Time spent considering why a three-day work trip involves endless preparations; Ongoing, with no end in sight.