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Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm going to the opera tonight

And that's pretty much all I gots to say.
Except, wow, I just noticed, blogger has video now.
OK, I guess I have one more thing to say.
The Internet is making me tired.
I mean: blogger, flickr, youtube, myspace, facebook—and I have a relatively pared down Internet existence, if I wanted to, I could add about 50 other interactive sites to that list (and have dipped around in dozens more that I've abandoned). Just typing the html for those four sites made me tired (yes, I know I could have just done it automatically through blogger. But I'm old new school...what?)
I kind of miss...what? The '80s, I think. I miss mixed tapes and the VCR. I miss only having one phone. I miss the answering machine.
I'm so old.