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Friday, August 17, 2007

going into hiding

It's Indian Market weekend and I am afraid. Very afraid. Right now, SFR feels like an oasis, because within a block all hell is breaking loose and getting out of downtown tonight will be challenging. If I were a good and loyal Santa Fean, I would come downtown this weekend, park in our lot and take a look around. But, instead, I will go into hiding. Not entirely. Saturday I have two birthday parties to attend, and I plan to check out Sue and Lehra (third item down) as well. And grab some pool time before the summer is over...over? Jeez, where did it go?
In other news, the boy and I have planned, and booked our tickets, for our FIRST vacation together. It's ridiculous that we've been dating for almost TWO years and have never left town (unless you count Albuquerque and Abiquiu, which of course you should not.) I'm pretty excited. We're Santa Monica bound in September, so I can get my beach fill and so we can just have a few days without work and responsibility. Three days to be exact. Hey, baby steps. (And that's really all we can afford.)
Yesterday, I had my first piano tuning. It was rad. I've never seen a piano get tuned before and it was interesting (akin to the first time I saw lettuce growing and made the connection between what's in the supermarket and where it comes from...except maybe slightly less stupid on my part).
Ned, the piano tuner, was cool for a variety of reasons:
1. When he asked me what I did for a living, he then mentioned, several times, his shock at how young I was to have such a job (although I realize it's a sign one really isn't young when one is so happy to be called young).
2. He used to tune the piano on All in the Family (which he explained to me was a show in the '70s that, he said, I was too young to remember. I actually am not too young to remember that show. I would have to be about 27 to be too young to remember that show. Which is another reason I love Ned).
3. After he tuned the piano, he played jazzy renditions of "The Sunny Side of the Street" and "Somewhere over the Rainbow" to test the tuning. It was very sweet (but, as another sign I'm not very young, I realized as he played I know all the lyrics to both songs. Why do I know the lyrics to "Sunny Side of the Street">
4. He complimented the piano and, noting the sheet music open on the piano, said I must be an advanced player.
5. Said my house was pretty (it's actually dirty but whatever).
And now the phone is ringing.