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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

c'est la vie

1. It's thundering. It was raining when I was outside walking back from getting coffee, but it stopped when I got outside. Dear universe: Do you think you're funny?
2. There is a dog named Chance in the office today. He is hiding under his owner's desk at the moment (see #1, lightening). He is very sweet. I like saying the phrase, "A dog named Chance." Sounds like a really bad short story title.
3. I entered the New Yorker cartoon caption contest and I feel strongly that this time I am a contender. Dear New Yorker: Where's the love?
4. I set out for an iced coffee because I was hot and now it's very cold.
5. Eating at Aqua Santa tonight. Boo yeah!
6. Probably hitting the Matador apres. Not hitting the vodka red bull again.
7. The Reporter's myspace page got phished. What a stupid waste of time it all is.
8. We just had a meeting to plan our killer Halloween party. Maybe I will dress up as Amy Winehouse this year.
9. It's a long weekend. YAY!
10. I am boring.