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Monday, July 16, 2007

singing a different tune

While I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to play (sort of) my dad's piano and be reminded of the many, many, many years of piano lessons I once had. I couldn't stop thinking about it, in fact, and, upon returning home, threw financial caution to the wind and went and bought a piano. It was delivered on Saturday. The bad news is, my once spartan and semi-spacious living room now has a very crowded feeling. The bright side, I got to play the piano most of the weekend and discovered that, with just a few hours, much came back to me and, I imagine, with many more hours of practice, I may even be able to learn new things. For now, my goal is to relearn the above Chopin waltz I played so well as a teenager. So that was fun. The weekend was, overall, fun and relaxing. Friday night, the boy and I met Gabe, Julie, Darius, Emily and Samia at St. Francis for a cocktail and some chat (the living wage, always a great topic, particularly now that it may end up applying to all businesses. Saturday, Samia, Sererna and I had pedicures and read girly magazines, which is, I have to say, one of the great bonuses of being, um, girly.
And now it's Monday again, again! and between the regular old paper (ROP) and Best Of, I'm heading toward major ADD head, but at least, when I get home, I have a nice diversion that doesn't require reading (except music) and or TV (which I've decided is semi-evil) or cleaning (which I actually do, although one might not be able to tell).
And it's lightening and thundering out, so I guess I better save and sign off.