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Monday, July 30, 2007

parting is such sweet...redundancy

The weekend was busy and full of leavetaking. Today marks Santa Fe departures for Peter and Samia to Phoenix and St. Louis, respectively. Saturday night, Gabe, Julie, the boy and myself drove north to Abiquiu for Samia's going away bash (that's where her parents live and where she grew up). The party was lively, with lots of great food and, sadly, way too many mosquitos. As I am a prime candidate for West Nile virus (mosquitos love love love me), we headed back to SF after a few hours, made a brief stop at the Cowgirl (which has purchased an air hockey table, kick ass!). Sunday morning, Peter and I took dogs Fiona and Nero, ages 14 and 12, respectively, to La Cinegiulla for a little hike. During which we encountered a dead fox, dead for no reason I could ascertain. Peter speculated it had died peacefully of old age, but I suspect this was just to make me feel better. Nero, who loves Peter, Fiona and all outings, ran wildly the whole time, came home and passed out panting and smiling for six hours. It was pretty hot out, so I did the same (minus the panting and smiling part, and only for about two hours). Sunday night, after the boy and I grilled some shrimp and watched this really really stupid movie I stopped by Samia's to say goodbye one more time. There's been a lot of leavetaking this year—too much. Peter, at least, plans to be back on a regular basis, so I stowed away any frantic farewells. Samia has been such a great friend, really redefining in some ways my standards for friends, that saying goodbye to her was rough. I felt a little Dorothyesque (Wizard of Oz)as I hugged her goodbye ("I'll miss you most of all!").

(Samia and I at SFR's block party; they won't have block parties like this in St. Louis!)
But such is life in a town in which most people leave if they want to: a. go to school b. have a career c. be able to afford to buy a house.
So to all my friends who have left (Donnan was in town this last week visiting) and to those will return. I say: Vaya Con Dios and Going Away Parties No Mas.