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Thursday, July 12, 2007

oh, look, we can title again

The vagaries of the Internet, of late, seem to be, um, even more vagarious than one could hope for. What did we do before the big 'ol WWW was there to incite our passions and ruin our lives, waste our time and suck our verbage? I do not know, fair readers, I know few things, but those things that I do know I shall share with you in this list:

1. If I keep working on my writeups for Best of Santa Fe, I will finish them. If I take little blogging breaks, I will not. Why does one need a break from writing a paragraph? I do not know.
2. This morning it was cool and rainy and I was happy. Now it is hot and stuffy and I am not. I think I may have been an orchid in my past life.
3. This morning when I showed up at the kbac offices for my thursday morning show with Honey, the front doors WERE LOCKED. And I thought, "well, isn't that a fine how do ya do." (I really did think that). Turned out, Honey was by herself in the studio so she had locked the door. I immediately believed I'd been abandoned, yet again, by a world so cruel it can not even speak its own name!
4. I have been reading a lot of Agatha Christie, having been turned on to her cleverness by Mike during my Atlanta visit, and it's having an odd effect on my vocabulary, not to mention syntax. I do so like Christie's odd and anachronistic turns of phrase. For example, when Poirot ejaculates? He's just talking.
5. My boss, Andy, is a good guy. An employee here trapped a stray cat in her hood and Andy paid for its vet bill and is now adopting it. This is a good turn. I am ignoring the fact that he keeps mentioning that the cat matches his dog. Given the lunatic conversations I have with and about my dog Nero, I am in no position to judge.
6. One of the boy's coworkers gave him a toy to give Nero and, when I dropped by work over the weekend, asked after Nero. Apparently the boy talks about Nero a lot and has taken to referring to Nero as his "stepdog." I think the boy has been assimilated and is officially a Santa Fean now.
7. I need to get back to work.
8. Gabe wants us to go see White Lion this weekend. I get a little snippy around men who have more hair than I do, but it could be a trip.
9. There is also a plan for some barhopping this weekend with the aforementioned Gabe, his wife, the boy and I and possibly Honey and her girl. It's not entirely clear where this hopping would take place, but it sounds like a reasonable midsummer endeavor.
10. I need to buy my plane ticket to Chicago for next month for the Medill Writers workshop, which I will both attend and work at, but I keep procrastinating. Why? Because it was like 100 degrees there. (See #2)
11. This list is way lame. I know nothing, like Socrates, but with significantly fewer young greek men to impress.
12. Must work.