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Monday, July 09, 2007

Like most things, blogger isn't really working either. For example, I can't seem to write in the title space. So I can't title this post. But if I could? I would name it something like Things I Think Are Bullshit.

1. Who does Pete Domenici think he's fooling by denouncing war in Iraq?". It's amazing what plunging approval ratings can do to a political stance. Why don't politicians have moral centers like the rest of us?

2. Had Tom Udall in the office last week for a chat with me and my staff. He has and continues to refuse to comment on Domenici and Wilson's role in the Us Attorney scandal, which I find ridiculous. I have usually thought of Udall as a fairly straight shooter, but refusing to comment on this seems cowardly to me. Yes, you don't want to make waves with your colleagues, but if they do something you know is wrong, why would you not speak out?

And, there's a whole list of OTHER things I think are bullshit, but someone is calling me and I have to go. Never fear, I am sure I will have more griping upon my return.