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Friday, July 27, 2007

it's a wrap

OK then.
Our winners' party for Best of Santa Fe, at Fusion, went well and hopefully everyone had fun. We had all the winners tape acceptance speeches and hopefully they will be on the Web soon. As soon as I figure out how to deal with it. (They were taped by a real videographer, not by me with my camera, so youtube may not cut it).
I did tape the acceptance speech of Chocolate Helicopter, which won best experimental band and were featured on this year's cover. So you can watch that, though I warn you that the sound quality ain't all that great. (It may not be fully loaded yet either...but if I wait until it is to get this blog post done, it may not. Get. Done.

And here's a few photos:
peter, bob, andy
SFR's PA writer Peter Breslin with Lensic GM Bob Martin (Best Non-Bar for Music) and SFR Publisher Andy Dudzik
Warehouse 21 won Best NonProfit for the first time.
honey & gabe
SFR's music writer, Gabe Gomez, congratulates Best radio DJ Honey Harris.
shiny happy
I took a break from videotaping, schmoozing and drinking to visit with my guy. I call this photo "Shiny, Happy People."
I also want to thank those who voted for this blog as best local blog. I'm taking that as kind Reporter support. Steve's blog is better, but I appreciate the support. And, of course, our third place winner, The Santa Fe Library's blog also is awesome. So I am in good company and I appreciate it! (But next year I may have to rethink this category. As I told someone at the party, I consider this win akin to a mercy f***—a crude comment—I'd had a few drinks—that made the listener's eyes pop and mouth drop open. I really shouldn't be allowed to speak sometimes).
Anyway, Best of moves off the stands quickly, so grab a copy or read it online.
And now folks, I need to go see about NEXT week's paper (it just don't stop). So have a great weekend and see you soon. I'll try to make this blog a little better now that it's gotten all hyped and stuff. (Or collapse from the pressure of it all).