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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If I could use my title space (still not working), I would call this entry "Bag This." Why? Funny you should ask.
I received my city water bill along with a bright yellow flyer announcing I could pick up a box of free garbage bags, starting today, at DeVargas Middle School, but I would be required to bring my water bill.
For some reason (free stuff!) I decided to go today, the first day the bags were available, and avail myself of this exciting opportunity (free stuff!).
I felt a little silly rushing to get free garbage bags, but I needn't have, since lots of other people were there (lots of really old people, but whatever). The main difference between those other people that showed up on the first day of FREE GARBAGE BAG DAY and myself is they actually got garbage bags. I, on the other hand, was denied after my bill was scanned. You see, I live in the county and therefore do not receive trash pickup and am therefore not eligible for trash bags. Even though I got the notice telling me to come pick them up and to bring my bill. I didn't notice anything that said, unless you live in the county, but I'll admit I got a little overexcited ("Free garbage bags! It's like Christmas. Christmas with garbage bags!"). I suppose, had I been thinking, I would have realized there's no good reason for the city to give customers who don't live in the city garbage bags. But had I thought that, I also would have thought no way the city was organized enough to actually scan people's water bills in exchange for the garbage bags. I just thought I'd show up, wave a piece of paper, sign my name and get what I came for. Like voting.
So, no free garbage bags for county residents, even if you're on city water. Don't believe the yellow flyer folks. And you know what, even though I was denied, I still don't want to be annexed. I can buy my own freaking garbage bags.