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Monday, June 11, 2007

if wishes were blog posts

There are so many things going wrong right now: email kablooey, server kafooey, AC barely pumping, loud coworker who is allowed to use the intercom, that it makes me think that I actually deserve some recognition for not losing my shit on a more regular basis. Ah, the benefits of being dead inside...
Meanwhile, we are stumbling through the final of the 96 page summer guide and I am speeding to get the Best of SF assignments out before I leave town, tomorrow after work, for Portland. I haven't packed yet, but I did do laundry, which is at least half the battle (one quarter of the battle?). I am a terrible terrible packer. I like to have all my stuff around me all the time so I can make a choice in the moment. Anticipating what I might want to wear is beyond my imaginal capacities.
So Friday night, the boy and I were driving home ridiculously early from the Matador, having eaten, prior to that, approximately 15 tons of sushi with Gabe, Julie and his sister and his sister's boyfriend. As we came down Agua Fria, right before st. francis, I saw two people stumbling on and off the sidewalk (cause it's Santa Fe, right?). But as we got closer, I realized it was a man struggling with a woman. We stopped, but the car behind us didn't want to stop, so then I hung a u-turn, by which time the man had run away leaving the woman crying on the street. She was pretty upset and very very very drunk, said the man had given her a fat lip, but it was hard to get very coherent info out of her. She didn't want to call the police, she just wanted us to take her home, so we did.
There is no moral to this story...but I have to go kick the printer now.