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Monday, June 04, 2007

hot & bothered

I am a bit sunburned following my first pool excursion of the season. I was waiting for Dan to join me and, unwilling to leave before seeing him, ended up for more than 21/2 hours in the glaring sun, such that when Dan did arrive, the first thing he noticed was the beat redness of myself. I realize that, like everything else I like, sunbathing is bad for me. Bad, bad, bad. I don't understand why all of my favorite things are bad for me. I did, for once, put on some sunblock, but I'm so not used to doing it that I did a terrible job, which means my sunburn is sort of weirdly spotty. Fortunately, for all, I do wear clothes to work, so that bizarre polka-dotted effect is not on display. On the bright side, my stomach is kind of tan, which is one of my favorite things (along with world peace).
I haven't been writing much lately. I feel very distracted and...what's the word? enervated, I guess. It's the summer guide/Best of Nexus, perhaps. Or my looming trip to Portland. Or the heat. If you'd like to read something interesting, versus this babbling, go to our Bill Richardson blog for Nate's assessment of last night's debate.