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Monday, June 18, 2007

Dendahl smacks Iglesias

Former GOP chairman/would-be governor John Dendahl may have left New Mexico, but he hasn't lost his interest in our exciting political world. Here's a guest column he just wrote for The Hawaii Reporter attacking Iglesias and defending Domenici. Dendahl doesn't seem overly concerned with Domenici calling Iglesias right before the mid-term elections to find out about the corruption case. I mean, you know, an impartial justice system? Pff. Who needs it. It's not exactly surprising this was published in Hawaii versus, um, here.
Also, Shea at Boise Weekly on Iglesias' appearance at AAN. And a post from the Arkansas Times.
My art director, Larry, is taking the long video home tonight to try to compress and cut it in Final Cut, so hopefully I'll have it up tomorrow.