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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

baby bunny season

There have been many baby bunnies on the morning walk. Nero gets super excited, drops his tennis ball and goes bounding off after them. He has never come even remotely close to catching one and usually gives up after a brief spurt, returns and proceeds to try to find his ball again (sometimes failing; his memory is apparently even worse than mine). There clearly are many new spring smells because his walk has become much less goal oriented ("catch the ball nero") and more a stop 'n sniff event.
So it's Tuesday, hot outside, hitting 2 pm, with just a few sections left to go. We are already embarked on next week's summer guide at the same time, and Tuesday (one week from today) I take off to go to Portland. My sunburn has become my first tan of the season, and hopefully not my last. And I just remembered something I need to do asap, so I'll cut off this mildly (extremely) boring post for now.