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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

albuquerque airport, how do i love thee?

You know how everything in life, at some point, is a disappointment? I don't even mean this in a bad way, I just mean, you know, even your favorite restaurant is occasionally off, your best friend is occasionally flaky and your great boyfriend now and then is a pain in the ass. But the Albuquerque Sunport? It is just always pretty great.
I left SF early thinking I was likely to encounter weather or rush hour traffic or both. I encountered neither and arrived two hours early. Got through security in three minutes with, as always, EVERY SINGLE AIRPORT PERSON BEING AS NICE TO ME AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. I swear, my airport karma is just rock solid. If people were as nice to me outside the Albuquerque airport as they are inside of it, I might actually answer my phone more often.
Speaking of which, I've lately begun answering the work phone with "hello," rather than "This is Julia." Now, it may be that no one angry has been calling (cause that happens...never), but somehow that "hello" seems to be having a soothing effect and people are talking to me normally, rather than treating me like Complaints Central or a 1-800 line. Perhaps "hello" indicates there's a human being on the other line? Hmm, here comes my sandwhich. I realize eating in an airport may be carrying my good will too far but it seems better than eating on the airplane, which isn't even possible. Ideally I would have packed a meal, but that would have required me being even remotely organized, and getting the paper out and just packing my clothes seemed like enough to deal with.
When I got home, the boy was waiting with the dog, and both patiently watched me neurotically try to decide which SHOES to wear for at least 15 minutes. In the end, I brought two pairs of the same exact shoes and NO JACKET, having decided it was better to have choices in footwear to color coordinate than to, say, not freeze to death. I think if I travelled more I might be able to conquer this bizarre girly behavior that overtakes me when I'm trying to pack, which is almost nonexistent the rest of the time (since I wear basically a pair of jeans, a Tshirt and the same shoes every single day;why do I imagine that a new locale will suddenly require me to have 10 shirts to choose from for a five-day trip? I also have this bizarre behavior where I feel like I have to leave room in my luggage wherever I go in case I want to go shopping, even though I HATE shopping and rarely do it. I assume this is all some kind of very narrowly focused anxiety displacement thing. OK, that's enough babbling for now.