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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm hot

and not the good kind. We think the AC isn't working, but it's always difficult to provide definitive diagnostics to the temperature in the office here. The AC is on, but at last check the thermostat had edged toward 80 degrees. There is air coming out of the vents and it is definitely not hot air, but it's not entirely clear if it's cold air or just air air. Also, the comfort zone for everyone here really varies. Some of us are always cold and thus cover our vents. Some of us are always hot and are convinced the people covering their vents are causing the AC to break. Office culture, I've found, has five main tenets. They are:

1. Arguing over the office temperature
2. Celebrating employee birthdays (officewide card signing, cake and singing)
3. Discussing how much the refrigerator needs to be cleaned out
4. Looking for someone with a plastic fork.
5. Checking to see if the email is working.

I guess I'm having a good day because, so far, only #1 has been in play today.