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Friday, May 18, 2007

if only I could blog while driving

this blog would be considerably more robust, as I feel like I think a lot while driving about what I'm going to write, so much so that by the time I'm at the computer I've lost my will to actually write it. Blogger's block? Severe mental fatigue? Traffic-induced PTSD? It really is a bit hellish out there; all the construction (just heard the Railyard Paseo construction has been extended) tends to make me, and others, impatient and my sense is that there's a decent amount of road rage growing.
Wednesday night I went to see John Legend at the Sandia Ampitheater; it was a great show. A very fancy hotel, too. The ampitheater is a bit like Paolo, great seats, great sounds, really pretty. Legend was very Barry White/Al Greenish, super sexy sultry, women sort of flinging themselves as close to him as they could and hyperventilating, reminding me (sort of) of seeing Michael Jackson as a teenager at JFK Stadium (I think it was the last show before they tore JFK down). Well, women were FAINTING at Michael J; at John Legend they were more just, um, breathing heavy. Jonanna, our former music writer (and now music editor for The Dallas Observer upon hearing this, told me John Legend is gay. And when I told her he pulled a beautiful woman in a gold lamé top from the audience to dance with him, she told me the woman was a plant (by which I mean, not an actual audience member; not, like, a geranium). It reminded me of a long time ago, telling an old friend how cool I thought dolphins were only to hear, "yeah, you know they gang rape each other." Not that I care if John Legend is gay, but it kind of bothered me to think the woman he danced with was a plant (I think I might have to appropriate plant as a new insult word. Dude, he's a total plant.); she seemed so genuinely about to burst into happy tears (the lamé-wearing slow-dancing woman, not Jonanna). Oh well, apparently I am the most naive cynical person around.
Tonight I'm going to my friend Samia's graduation from SFCC. If I'm properly motivated (i.e. still conscious) after, the boy and I will trek to ABQ for the Hyperactive Music Festival, of which we (SFR, I'm too beat to link; I suck) are a sponsor. I want to go, but I hate driving back from ABQ at 2 a.m. Way too soporific yo. Tomorrow I'm attending a. Sylvie's going away thing, b. Samia's graduation party c. Jen's birthday party, d. all of the above. If you guessed d you guessed right. Sunday, the aforementioned Jonanna will be in town and we are supposed to have brunch and then, of course, there will be the Sunday work hours and then the Sunday Soprano's watching (so freaking dark these final episodes, it's kind of a mind trip) and then back here to work. I mean, it's gone by so fast just writing about it, I feel like the weekend is over already and it's only 2:30 pm on Friday. (Or 2:37 according to blogger or 2:27 according to my computer or 2:40 according to the clock in the office or 2:37 according to my phone. My reality is very Heraclitean right now).
Went to Collected Works today and bought Orwell's 1984.
Ate Whole Foods Sushi for lunch and bought Samia some flowers (Checker, upon seeing me holding bouquet: "Julia, you look like Miss America." Me: "Yeah, I get that a lot." Also, is it a bad sign that all the checkers know my name? Do I really shop at Whole Foods that much?)
News: All bad, so much mayhem. We reposted our story on the growing crime wave from last year on the Reporter web site.
OK, am giving myself wrist pain. Have lost squishy wrist rest thing. Is probably under desk along with:
1. Old Blanket
2. File on last city election
3. US Postal Service tub filled with trash.
I wish someone would clean my office for me. At least make enough room under my desk for me to take a nap.
Have a great weekend y'all.