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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

back to work

Sometimes these holiday weekends backfire for me. Like, by the time they come I'm so beat that I manage to get sick and spend the whole time off feeling sorry for myself. But not this Memorial weekend. I was the picture of health, slept like a normal person (as in, did not wake up at 5 am), was outside a lot, grilled lots of food (OK, watched by the boy grill the food) and did several things I always think I should do but never get around to (like clean the shower curtain). In between, I spent time reading every article on David Iglesias. (Yes, that's former SFR staff writer Dan Frosch's byline on the story. And speaking of Dan: Happy Birthday Dan)
I'm going to be interviewing Iglesias in front of several hundred journalists at the AAN convention so, ya know, no pressure or anything.
Overall, the weekend was pleasant, except for an extremely unpleasant encounter with an SF County Sheriff's Deputy who was very (insert expletive) rude when I came upon him having blocked off Jemez Road on my way home. A few thoughts for law enforcement? I know you have a tough job, but there's no reason to be rude to citizens when they aren't doing anything wrong. Tensions are high enough around here with all the crime, there's no particular reason the police can't be civil.
The holiday did wreak some havoc with our deadlines. They were all pretty early, which means we are just wrapping things up now. I had to close the letters' deadline early and outtakes had to be pretty much wrapped up starting friday. Holidays & journalism really don't mix very well.