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Monday, April 09, 2007

a note on keywords

I don't remember, very often, to check my sitemeter thingie to see how people are finding this blog, what keywords they are searching under that lead them here. I know this is an important component to driving blog traffic and, God knows, someone is probably writing a dissertation AS WE SPEAK on keywords.
Anyway, I just checked traffic and keywords and learned these are the searches that brought folks to my blog today:

46.15%: julia goldberg
30.77%: jonanna widner
7.69%: julia goldberg blog
7.69%: aid & comfort gala
7.69%: julie goldberg

Narcissism finally pays off; in a completely unfinancial way. I should probably let Jonanna know that people are diligently googling her today. Like she doesn't know that already!