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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

in my free time

I am reading dozens of alternative newsweeklies that have applied to be members of Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. It's my first go-round serving on the membership committee, which I said yes to doing last year... because apparently I just say yes whenever anyone asks me to do anything. Thus I recently served as a judge for the NOW writing contest. and agreed to read a friend's screenplay this weekend and also will be reading another friend's book of poetry (actually I offered to do that). So the real question is, why doesn't reading pay more?
Wait, that's not the real question. Anyway, it's fairly interesting reading all these weeklies from all over. Right now I'm reading one that has advertisements for Budweiser on all of its covers. Why didn't I think of that?
Speaking of covers, if you've seen our cover this week, then you're probably wondering about the photo shoot, yes? Well, here's the behind the scenes shot from the cover shoot, during which David Alire Garcia, SFR staff writer, and myself, attempted to hold up flags in front of our cover model while Ursula shot him. I like the look on my face, which kind of reads, to me, as, "Maybe I should have gone to law school."