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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

in between waiting for proofs

Reading an interesting article from LA City Beat about the commonalities in school shootings. That April thing is, um, weird.
I know Earth Day has passed, but I want to share Grist's green roundup. I love Grist. They are so very very clever.
The crapola image below, from IPI, is a super cool poster made by the super cool owners of Burning Books in Santa Fe, Michael and Sumner Carnahan, or maybe their names are Michael Sumner and Melodie Carnahan? Anyway, they claim they are sending me better images to post, since the one I took on my camera phone at IPI was, as you see, sucko.
IPI, which we went to on Saturday night, was interesting. A performance/tech-driven, interactive art exhibit, the conceit of which was "what if Homeland Security ran a nightclub?" Answer: it would be kind of like going to the airport. (that's my answer). I was not, however, "randomly selected" for any fear-based behavior modification or death by firing squad. The boy was selected for both. A kind of strange way to spend a Saturday night.