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Friday, April 27, 2007

i love me some friday

Whew, what a week. My eyes feel like they are about to fall out of their sockets. Wait—ok, no, still in the socket.
Tonight I'm going to Toots and the Maytalls. Tomorrow I'm doing as little as possible. I may have to get, in SF vernacular, some "bodywork," as I've managed to tweak my leg in a weird way. I have no idea what I did. It feels like I slept for 36 straight hours with my legs in some kind of weird yoga position. Is very painful. Thank goodness for Advil.
I like the sunshine. I like that it's Friday. I wish I hadn't answered this call, which has just begun, "I won't give you my name, but I have a story I want you to run because the new mexican has disappointed me."
Later y'all.