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Thursday, April 26, 2007

copying is the sincerest form of...

Loved The New Mex's story on the battle over the peace conference. I mean, we had the same story yesterday but, whatever. Actually, I think it's nice in a day and age in which most media outlets are so concerned with breaking news, being the first and having original reporting that the New Mex is content to just follow us. It's very peaceful of them. Competition, you know, is bad for the skin. Honestly, I don't know why The Journal didn't have the story first, given that Cimino wrote the op-ed that made it public in the Journal. (Actually, I heard about the conflict through Mother Media).
In other naval-gazing news, Terrell cites our reporting on the contest for the new chairmanship of the state Dem Party, although he didn't link to our story. Here's the link. I like the part of Terrell's story that reads:

Colon, an Albuquerque lawyer, said of Olguin in the Santa Fe Reporter a couple weeks ago: “His clients are fundamentally in opposition to the tenets of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and its platform.”
Interviewed Wednesday, Colon said he didn’t want to discuss his opponent. He didn’t dispute what he said to the other newspaper but said he’s trying to stress his own qualifications.

This is pretty much the only reason we're mentioned, because Colon wouldn't repeat what he said for Terrell, so the only way to make the point was to cite him making it to us (glad to hear he didn't dispute what he said. Although we pretty much record all of our interviews for just those types of occasions).