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Monday, March 26, 2007


A thunderclap on Friday sent our lights out and our Internet into a scramble. It was all back to working this morning, but I was a little behind. The day did not get better. Well, I guess there were ups and downs. To recap:

1. We did not win the prestigious IRE award for Dan's Wexford series, although we were one of three finalists in our category, and given the immense competition, I think that's pretty good.

2. The AG ruled on our complaint against the Department of Corrections. However, they ruled Corrections did not violate the Inspection of Public Records Act and also commended them for going out of their way to provide records (What?!). This led me to feel that either I was on crack, someone else is on crack or, perhaps, I should go get some crack to relieve my suffering. Since that isn't feasible (I have no idea where to get crack, nor do I think it relieves suffering), I guess I will have someone from FOG look this over and see what they think. Or maybe I should just have our lawyers look at it…that's worth $200 an hour right?

3. Barry Massey has not responded to me. I don't think he ever will.

4. Mark Oswald, however, has agreed to run a correction of the spelling of Zane's name. Victory, she is mine.

Ugh, so ready to go home. This extended daylight doesn't do much for me when all I want is to put my head under a pillow. Or in an oven.

I'm sure I'll be more cheerful tomorrow, ready to fight the good fight, yada yada yada.