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Thursday, March 01, 2007

thirsty thursday

I'm looking forward to reading The Boston Phoenix' story on The New Times/Village Voice merger. I've remained interested in this subject since it happened a year ago, maybe because I think it kind of signifies a flashpoint in the development of alternative newsweeklies. Or maybe because I am godawful nosy when you get right down to it.
The fifth top emailed story from the Times right now is about women feeling pressured to look younger than they are. Well, not a new topic, but I found it annoying that the woman they profile is just starting to deal with people calling her m'aam. People call me m'aam all the time. They call me m'aam while they are carting me, but still. I think the use of maam might be a New Mexico thing because I've noticed when I go elsewhere I get "miss" a lot more. And prefer it. I really don't know if I will ever feel pressured to get cosmetic surgery. Perhaps I should start with basics, like feeling pressured to brush my hair or not wear the same basic outfit every day (jeans and a black tank top rule!). Anyway.
I spent most of the morning in a staff meeting, then ran some theraflu to the boy who apparently is sick (and must really be sick to be admitting it). I am beginning to understand people who walk around with face masks all the time.
Tonight my knitting group is on. We're doing a group project: socks. And when I say "we" I mean "they." I started my sock, but it's so eentsy it makes me feel like I'm going blind, cross-eyed and crazy when I work on it, and doing that in a dimly lit bar while drinking wine and trying to carry on a conversation doesn't sound all that fun, so I'm going to work on a scarf for my sister and watch everyone else "turn the heel" or whatever.
Apparently The Richardson campaign is giving some credit to former SFR writer Dan Frosch for the fact that The New York Times wrote about Richardson I'm not entirely sure of the logic behind that but, hey, props all around I suppose.
OK, the phone doth beckon