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Friday, March 02, 2007

a tale of five knitters

I show off my new scarfHere I am showing off the two inches of the black-lace scarf I was working on last night, with my fellow knitters, at the St. Francis Hotel. I also got put in charge of figuring out the check, which is why there is a bunch of money in my scarf, in an early stageHere is the black lace scarf I am working on again.
april putting a baby sock on her nose Here is Apple putting the baby sock Gwyn knitted on her nose. We are wild and crazy chicks. more proud gwyn & april Here are G and Apple showing off their fine knitting. They are both damn good with the needles. knitting, sylvie & trisha Trisha, like myself, decided to work on a scarf rather than socks. Sylvie is the bombest knitter ever and also a great teacher of knitty things.