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Saturday, March 10, 2007

smoking ban

Will Richardson sign a statewide smoking ban? Any bets?
I say no he won't.
Just a feeling. OK, more than a feeling. A hunch.
On the top of the smoking ban, I have to say it's been a pretty dead winter everywhere I've gone, bar wise. Well, the weather has been atrocious. But most folks I talk to, working in the bars, attribute the slowness to the smoking ban combined with the DWI crackdown. Which makes sense. Kind of pointless to go out for a smoke and a drink if the smoke takes place freezing in an alley and the drink could result in cops nabbing you outside the door and making you take a breathalizer (it's called hyperbole folks, although this has been allegedly happening to some degree).
Still, Del Charo was hopping last night. Our server told me that because the food is so cheap there they have remained fairly busy, although he claims that since the smoking ban the kitchen has been outserving the bar, which never used to happen. He said.
Glad I had fun when I was young.