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Monday, March 19, 2007


What a Monday. I'm telling you. Well, I guess I'm not. Might it be time for a list.

10 Things I Want to Share With You (blech, sounds like a terrible Xtian song.)

1. Just wrote Senor Oswald, at Journal North a short, but sweet, letter asking if they might run a correction to denote the correct spelling of SFR columnnist Zane Fischer's name, which is mentioned in this Journal North column. Now, I know everything thinks I'm a paranoid broken-record, on the topic of the Journal and New Mex constantly trying to pretend we don't exist, but isn't it a little suspicious to have an article that references one of our columnists in his capacity as a columnist but not say for whom he writes? Anyway, we'll see what Mark O says.

2. The water pressure in my shower has been increasingly, um, decreasing and the hot water excessively...not excessive. To the point that I brought a bucket in the shower the other day to try to get the shampoo out of my hair (ah my glam life; you are so jealous). The boy suggested that perhaps there was a mineral buildup in the showerhead. I suggested that it was more likely that I had a 10,000 dollar plumbing problem and was probably resigned to just living life with a bucket in the shower. As it turns out, the boy was right; he took off the showerhead, removed the mineral deposits and the shower I had this morning was unlike any shower I've ever had in my house. Conclusions: The boy is a keeper, I am a MORON and you should probably try to wipe out the image of me showering with a bucket. Not that you had one.

3. I and other SFR writers will be hosting KBAC's morning show this week. I had a totally great plan for what I was going to do yesterday, but this morning it didn't seem as great. I don't know. We'll see. I'm sure it will all work out one way or the other. Tune in from 9 to 11 am. Thursday. Wait, no, look at this flyer for the lineup. I hope you listen in. Maybe I'll say something interesting. You never know what you'll get from a woman who showers with a bucket. (Stop thinking about it).

4. My neighbor told me this morning that it looks like the roof on my porch is going to fly off at any moment and crash through my sliding glass door to my living room. (Who relates such thoughts at 8 am? I ask you). I texted this missive to the boy who went to my house and reported he thinks such a scenario unlikely unless we have a hurricane.

There are at least six more things I could blather on about, but I was just interrupted and now I'm sleepy and hungry and wanting to get on the road and, so, I bid you all leave.

Until manana