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Monday, March 05, 2007

monday without prep

I sternly forced myself not to work this last weekend. Coming in Sunday to clean up spam, prep cover story, respond to email and other various things is all fine and well here and there, but it's become a very regular part of my week and I've been thinking it's been leaving me less than mentally rested. So Sunday, without work to do, I found myself actually a bit twitchy and confused: What was I supposed to do? What the heck do other people do on Sunday besides get up early, work out and go to work?
My twitchiness was gone after the boy and I spent 90 minutes in the New Ofuro tub at 10,000 Waves. It was the boy's 36th birthday and celebrating it with hot water and sauna was an extremely good idea, although it did, once again, prompt me to wonder about why rich people aren't happy ALL THE TIME? I really think if I could sit in a hot tub and sauna whenever I wanted I would have nothing to complain about.
Jonanna was visiting this weekend, so I got to see her and hear about the fun she's having at her new job (lots, she loves it). Dan also was visiting and I got to hear about all the fun he's having at his new job. It was great to see them, but I really think the highpoint of my weekend was not coming to work on Sunday. I think I may be onto something here, something others already know since usually when I come in on Sunday I'm the only person here.

...Domenici's acknowledgement that he called David Iglesias is just as interesting for what it says as for what it doesn't say. I think Joe has a much better low down than the rest of the media, in terms of the New Mexico implications of this story. Maybe I'm reading this Trib story too quickly, but does it say anywhere in that story what the "courthouse case" is. (Yes, I know what it is, but if I didn't, would I know after reading the story?). Also, doesn't this Chronicle story say in one place that Domenici says he called to ask about the status of the case but in other place have the Justice Department say he called four times but never asked about the case.
Finally, David Iglesias partially inspired the Tom Cruise role in A Few Good Men?. Did I know this and forget it? Because I swear it sounds like new information.
What a world.