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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wonder what it will mean for Santa Fe that Whole Foods is buying Wild Oats. Will they keep the WO on St. Francis open? Seems pointless, since it's a block away from WF. I assume the sale means WF will convert existing WOs into WFs. Yes? Will they get smart and open a WF on the southside? Or would that actually be dumb since WF is so expensive and the southside isn't their demographic? Or is that demographic assumption stupid? (Clearly it's stupid, I live on the southside and shop at WF; although perhaps what is stupid is how much I pay for food sometimes).
The supermarkets here are all always so crowded I sometimes think one could open several more and still not meet the demand. At least TJs, Albertsons and WF are always quite crowded. WO usually not so much. And, thus, perhaps why they are in debt and being sold. This morning, at the Starbucks in Albertson's, southside, my usual barista asked me to call the 1-800 line and tell them how good Albertson's was because they've been getting complaints.
I really should have done that.
I wonder what I should have for dinner.