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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Went for a bracingly cold walk this morning to the US capitol, came back via the national archives, which I wish were open today. It was nice to walk around this morning because it was early and very uncrowded. But really quite cold; I can't feel my face at the moment (but, really, who needs to feel one's face?). I blew off the white house; Tim Redmond told me last night one can't get very close. Unfortunately, most things are closed this morning, so I doubt I'll get much more sightseeing in before I take off (although I do have a few hours still...hmm.). One notable experience from my trip to DC is that I've yet to get lost, which I inevitably do wherever I go. I have a tendency to just start wandering about paying no attention to where I'm going and before I know it, voila, I have no idea where I am. Here, I did the same thing (the moronic wandering without paying attention) but somehow keep ending up back at the hotel. Almost as if I'm being controlled by the government! Like, in a good way. OK, gonna try to go keep myself occupado.