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Friday, February 02, 2007

sticks and stones

The morning news about Imus attack on Richardson is entertaining, although I'm guessing that behind closed doors Richardson is actually very miffed at the repeated "fat" attacks and not taking any of it very well (Richardson has not ever struck me as someone who can laugh at himself very well). I made a joke about Richardson's weight in 7 days one time (that's not a link to the 7 days where I made fun of his weight; I don't remember when that was) and Gilbert Gallegos, from Richardson's media office, called to say I'd hurt the governor's feelings and that the governor always treated me with respect and expected the same in return. I found the whole conversation so bizarre I decided to just pretend it hadn't happened. But you get a mixed bag in NM as far as politicians and the media. Some of them just take their licks, always act professional about it, return calls etc. Some of them never forgive. Richardson has been much more accesible to this office than Gary Johnson was (although that's not saying much). Mayor Delgado was the pits on that front. I do think Joe is right that the Imus show is probably a good little wakeup call to Richardson's campaign about the difference between running the show locally and being in the national limelight. Richardson's communnication staff is OK, not as responsive as Tom Udall's, a million times better than Pete Domenici's.