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Friday, February 23, 2007

sf on youtube

Two good youtube Santa Fe hits today: Here's one from Jim Terr on Santa Feans' inability to stop at stop signs.
And another from our friends at Chicanobuilt.
I'm heading to the forum on hip hop, race, politics etc (2nd item), tonight at CSF. And then home for some blissful weekend chilling out. Also some major working out in the hopes that winter will, someday, end.
I will leave you all with last night's gym experience.

Me, leaving gym, walking through parking lot, 18-24 year old kid behind me.

KID: Hey, are you married.
ME: Um, no. Why?
KID: You're pretty.
ME: Thanks.
KID: How old are you
ME: 37
KID: Wow, 37 and you're still fine!
ME: Um, thanks. I, um, I have a boyfriend (If you can't tell, I felt like an imbecile saying this, but it seemed like maybe the time to bring it up)
KID: Oh yeah? Can I get your number?
ME: Um, no, I can't really do that.
KID: Oh for reals?

That's right folks. Ancient, but I still got it.
Have a great weekend!