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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

my oscar ballot

Tris, Peter, Rick and I shared an Oscar ballot. I did, as usual, not particularly well (I vote with my heart, not my head, regardless of what I'm voting for). I called it for The Departed, but, alas, my wish that Mark Wahlberg win for best supporting actor was not to be (I mostly just wanted to get to look at him a little longer, but also he rocked in the movie). Anyway, I also predicted Melissa Etheridge would win best song (that was actually my head voting, I'm not a huge Etheridge fan, although "I Need to Wake Up" also would be a good title for my own personal theme music.). And, now, the point of this boring recap two days late is that Grist has supplied Al Gore's itunes playlist, which seems worth checking out if you are, like me, happy about An Inconvenient Truth winning best documentary. For my Republican readers ( I know of at least two of you), you might want to skip this post. Oh, too late!