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Monday, February 12, 2007

listing toward thursday/pulling out my hair

I woke up Saturday morning determined to get the better of what feels like an insurmountable number of tasks. I decided that the best way to address my feelings of overwhelmedness would be to make a list. This, I figured, would show me the doability of all that lies ahead. Because, I reasoned, rather than just feeling like there were a gazillion things to do, I would make it finite and see it really wasn't that bad.
Bad idea.
The list really was so long that I began to doubt my own sanity. For example, why, exactly, did I think I needed to do my taxes this week? True, it would be nice but is it necessary? I decided that it wasn't. Getting my eyebrows waxed, however, was not negotiable.
So I came into the office Saturday and Sunday and, from what I can tell, I am close-but-no-cigar ready to leave town Thursday morning. Quart-sized baggie for my cosmetics? Check. Three pages of typed instructions for the boy to watch the dogs? Check. Several outfits washed and under consideration for trip? Done. Actual presentation ready for conference? Um, not so much.
I did, however, manage to pack a lunch for myself today, write a recommendation for a friend, edit today's cover story, next week's cover story, listen to my phone messages (what a delight that was), and find a copy of Michael Jackson's "Beat It." Other tasks: washed car, stored knitting stuff in guest room closet, worked out twice, worked on novel (don't ask), emailed freelancers about spring guide and also did all the other stuff I actually do every week, like read and edited every single thing in the paper. And it's only Monday! Still, getting up at 5:45 a.m. kind of sucks.
Maybe I should take the Times' advice and tell my boss I need a nap. I'm not sure I'm ready to see my coworkers all sleeping in a pile like puppies, though.
Dave Cargo's coments about local news coverage of Gov. Richardson's presidential candidacy reading like the obits via Joe's blog is pretty funny. Still, the Journal did call him Govzilla in a headline. Still, it remains more interesting to me to read outside commentary and comments, which are also, to be fair, overall positive. I mean, aside from the low public ratings thing.
OK, I'm going to get back to work now.