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Thursday, February 22, 2007

ho hum, world's most boring post

It's been a strangely quiet Thursday with little to report, enlivened just slightly by a visitor with a baby (babies and dogs frequently are in the offices, which always makes me happy as there's nothing I like more than babies and dogs. Except possibly shoes and cigarettes.) The baby is still in the office making weird baby noises. Babies are so cool! And they smell so good! (The boy, if he were here, would correct me, as he has frequently, by pointing out that it's "the things you put on babies that smell good, not the babies themselves." Bah humbug. Bah baby!)
Was on the radio this morning, feeling extra out of it. I need a real weekend in my real home. I also need a manicure like you would not believe.
The other big thrill of the day was a big (keep in mind this is all relative) check from my insurance company. I got very excited and then realized that at no time, in my personal history or the history of the world, had anyone ever sent me money for no good reason, so I called my insurance company and, lo and behold, [insert extraordinarily confusing and boring explanation here] that money isn't mine. Even though the check is made out to me. Is it better to have received the check and learned I don't get to keep the money or to never have seen the check at all? Um, the latter. For real!
Tonight I'm hitting the gym, then dropping by the boy's house and then, based on the past few nights' example, passing out unreasonably early having accomplished nothing.
See I told you this would be boring.
I may be a bore, but I ain't a liar.