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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

deadline dreams

Last night I dreamed I had gone back to high school, fully cognizant, in the dream, that I was going back to high school, but strangely lacking in the appropriate panic at the prospect. I immediately set to writing an article for the high school newspaper. When I turned it in, the editor (who I'm pretty sure was the editor from the student newspaper on Veronica Mars. I've got to stop watching television) told me that my article was the last one they'd be fitting in and that this was the only edition they'd be publishing for the year. I objected to the idea of only publishing one paper for the whole year and then began working to make the paper a weekly paper.
I awoke feeling positively welded to my bed and very concerned about my pysche.
Back here in the real world, we are on real deadline. Tonight I'm going to see Spearhead at The Lensic. That will likely be my big outing until the weekend, when some old friends are coming into town, whom I will hopefully see, assuming I'm not just passed out (my new favorite activity). Also trying to log some serious gym time, as the weather warms and I anticipate more skin showing (and would like there to be less skin showing, if you know what I mean). The latest gym encounters have included my ongoing conversation with one of the locker room ladies, who has just tracked down her father whom she hasn't seen in more than 35 years and is planning a reunion with him this weekend. Last night she showed me then and now photos. It is quite amazing the things people tell you in a locker room. Or perhaps the things they tell me.
I've got some video from the hip hop panel I attended last Friday night, but I'm lacking time/will to post it right now, so stay tuned. (Actually, I have a sneaking suspicion it didn't turn out very well, but I'm going to scope it in a little while).
Meanwhile, looks like the ban on cockfighting is headed to the House Floor…