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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

byebye dan

Today is writer Dan Frosch's last day at SFR, before he leaves to go work for some stupid paper called The New York Times. I am reacting to Dan's departure the way I do to most cases of abandonment: yelling at him to clean his desk off one minute and then grabbing him in a a sweaty embrace the next. Last night I dreamed that he kept telling me about all the important interviews he had for the Times, like with the Queen of Nairobi. Dan informed me, after hearing this, that there is no queen of Nairobi. Because he's so smart, like New York Times smart.
Anyway, aside from not wanting Dan to go, I'm excited and pleased for him. I mean, it's pretty cool for one of my writers to get hired by the stupid New York Times. And he deserves it, especially given his incredible work on uncovering the situation with the state prison health care. I got a tip that The Journal is planning to write something else about this tomorrow or the next day. I will be interested to see how they go about writing on this issue given that SFR is solely responsible for uncovering it, prompting the audit and the governor to yank Wexford's contract. But I'm sure if anyone can find a way to report this story without mentioning us (a huge disservice to the readers; actually it's LYING), the Journal will find a way. Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, Dan is pretending to clean his desk (the big question is whether he's going to take his broken sled that's been sitting against a file cabinet for the last four years) or not.
I know I'll keep seeing and talking to Dan (he'll hopefully freelance for us as more Wexford stuff unfolds), but in the meantime, might as well get sappy: