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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Perhaps I should rededicate this blog to its true calling: constant complaining about the weather and my health. Am back from my hellish weekend and straight into a hellish week, with: a substitute art director because the real one is Panama; a new writer; another writer out of the office and a head that fills like it's filled with sand. Things went perfectly well in my absence. Who knows, perhaps they went better?
Am currently toying with the idea of not having endorsements for the march 6 sfcc election. at the aan east conference, some of us discussed the exhaustion factor of endorsements for small staffs, and I told others that sometimes they had to make choices about the best uses of their time. Well, time to turn that advice inward. Given everything there is to do this week, I'm not sure stopping to interview the six folks running for the sfcc board is a great idea. We need coverage this week, but I'm not sure if we need endorsements. Am still thinking; feel free to send me your thoughts.
In other news, I was given information, at AAN, about the ownership of the Village Voice Media, post New Times merger (the membership committee received it; I guess all of AAN will get it at some point) and I've been poking around on the Internet looking to see if I see anything interesting about the people and companies that now own VVM. So far, I see nothing interesting at all. Although it is inherently interesting to think about venture capitalists investing in alternative newsweeklies. I guess it's good I work for a very small paper. A small paper with limited resources. A small paper that can't endorse in every single political race that happens! OK, I'll try to think more quietly on that.

I missed the story on KOB about it not being illegal to videotape someone in a bathroom and only learned of it from sheriff solano's blog. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and I say that I, too, think it might be good to make this an illegal activity. God New Mexico is weird sometimes. It reminds me of years ago a TV report about the fact that it was (I don't think it is anymore) illegal in NM for unmarried people to live together, including an interview with a cop who said he was aware of the law but didn't have time to enforce it. Like that's the reason it wasn't getting enforced!

Oh, something just landed on my desk. Guess I bettah read it.