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Friday, January 26, 2007

the weekend beckons

From babbler to mute, that's me. It's been a busy few days, though what it's been busy with I could not quite say. Well, first, school board elections. We're endorsing in the upcoming edition, so we've had the candidates in this week for interviews.
Second, I'm pretty disappointed that Richardson didn't come right out against the confederate flag and I disagree with anyone who characterizes the issue as complicated. While it's true that some have tried to say the flag doesn't symbolize, to them, slavery and racism, it kind of does to most people. Did Richardson have to do a poll first before he figured out where he stood on racism? Give me a break!
Anyway, tonight I'm going to go check out Team Gina at Backroad Pizza, one of my favorite spots in this little city of ours. Tomorrow I'm slated for D Numbers at College of Santa Fe. And Sunday I have a friend's birthday party and dinner with the X, so it's looking like a slampacked weekend, which is probably good as I am temporarily out of yarn.
Oh, also booked my tix to DC, after much anguished searching for either: a direct flight, a short flight, an aisle seat. I got none of the above. A longass one-stop trip in the middle seat. Fun! I guess I can watch Veronica Mars on my video ipod the whole time. Hopefully I'll actually be prepared for the conference by then. Cuz, um, as of right now, not so much.
OK, I'm off to the bookstore and then hitting the road home. Have a great weekend and I'll check ya later.

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