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Monday, January 08, 2007

using a car as a weapon?

This just in from the state police regarding the shooting of the Santa Fe police officer:

Investigation continues in Santa Fe PD Shooting

(Santa Fe, NM) – New Mexico State Police recovered nineteen spent shell casings at the scene of the Santa Fe PD shooting Wednesday night. The shell casings have been submitted for forensic analysis to the DPS crime lab.
At this point in the investigation there is no indication that the suspect, Ivan Atencio, was armed with a firearm or ever fired a weapon at the Santa Fe Police Officers. However, there is information to believe that he did in fact assault the Police Officers and several citizens with the stolen vehicle which he used as a weapon.
Sergeant Kyle Zuments who received a gunshot to his protective vest was most likely shot as a result of friendly fire, either by a ricochet or by a cross fire situation. The exact circumstances and cause of this portion of the incident are still under investigation. We expect to know more once the forensic examination is completed.
Suspect Ivan Atencio is still facing multiple felony charges as a result of his actions and is currently incarcerated at the Santa Fe County Detention Center.

Nineteen shots! Also: What does it mean he assaulted people with the stolen vehicle "which he used as a weapon"? Ran people over? Hit them with the door? And, one more time: Nineteen shots! Sounds like it's a good thing only one person got hit with friendly fire.