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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tell me why i don't like tuesdays

KBAC was playing Boomtown Rats, tell me why I don't like mondays this morning and it confused the heck out of me (making me think it was monday, not tuesday). I really don't think that song should be played on anyday but Monday.
Tuesdays are my hell day and always have been. Even pre-weekly schedule, when I was in school, I always had heavy classloads on Tuesdays. This particular Tuesday is so far OK. The school board endorsements are at least written, although, frankly, they are not all that well-written, in my self-deprecating opinion.
I will admit that my first thought when I read about the booze ban on US Airways was to check and see if that was the airline I'm flying to DC. I don't know why; I rarely drink on planes. I think I may have had a drink when I flew to Vancouver, something totally silly like a Bloody Mary. Usually I just drink water and read. Because I am an exciting and fascinating woman.
My main goal today is to finish the bloody contest entries for the AAN contest. Entering contests, though sometimes rewarding, is a big pain because it always requires lots of random copying and attaching forms here and there and it can actually get sort of expensive. But the show must go on!
A week from today is SFR reporter Dan Frosch's last day at the paper. He is going to go work for The New York Times, so I have mixed feelings of pride and sorrow, although I'm also hopeful he will be back in one way or another. Dan is a great reporter and my good buddy, which means I should probably stop writing in my blog and work on the invites to his going away bash.
I thought the sheriff's thoughts on Dendahl's departure, and his own reflections about his past were very interesting. I didn't know that about Grady's picture never staying up.