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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

overheard in my boyfriend's car

Last night, on the way home from a drink at The Blue Corn, I mentioned to the boy that I was having lunch today with a movie producer who was a producer on a movie he likes (I know, he's a major horror film geek) and we began discussing which famous people we'd be excited to meet (me: David Bowie; him: no one). Then he said:

"I was excited when I met Bill Richardson" (the guv was at our Best of Santa Fe party last year (he won 2nd for best politician; he won first in 2005).

"Really? Did you hear he's running for president?" (I know it seems impossible to imagine someone in NM yesterday who didn't know that information but if there were to be such a person it could easily be the boy who somehow manages to live, blissfully news-free quite often)
Boy: "Yes. I'm going to register to vote so I can vote for him." (Yes. I am dating someone who isn't registered to vote. I know.)
Me: "Really?"
Boy: "I think he'd make a good president. He seems down to earth. A little sleezy and for the people."
Me: "Did you just say 'a little sleezy and for the people?'
Boy: "Yes. And he seems like he's done a pretty good job as governor. I feel like I support most of the things he's for. Except maybe the ban on cockfighting."
Me: YOU DON'T SUPPORT THE BAN ON COCKFIGHTING? (I think in every relationship there is a moment where you wonder if you have accidentally been dating a crazy person)
Boy: "I just don't have an opinion on it because I don't know anything about it (ME: as if knowing about an issue was a prerequisite for having an opinion?)
Me: "Well then you'll have to read my interview in tomorrow's paper."
Boy: "Oh, who's it with?"
Me: A rooster.