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Thursday, January 04, 2007

nusbaum street!

After many days and many complaints about the state of the roads, the city is finally doing something, although too little too late. And what is up with Nusbaum? When I called this morning (for the record, I have never called the city to complain about anything), I talked to someone who wasn't sure which street Nusbaum is. Um, the one with your library on it? It's terrifying!
Speaking of terrifying, last night's shoot out is pretty scary, particularly given how confusingly it's been conveyed. When I read this morning's story, I wasn't convinced that I had a very good explanation for why cops were firing repeated shots when there tons of people around, and that business with the father and his daughter crouching on the floorboards? Now it looks like several police have been put on leave. Also, if he has an extensive criminal history, why isn't it in the story? Maybe they are waiting for tomorrow's print edition?
Well, I'm just happy I could log in today. I tried numerous times with Safari but blogger was bugging out, so I switched to firefox and it seems to be working. Word! New Year, must have new blogs. Preferably about something besides the weather, yes?
On the bright side, my friends are throwing a New Year's party this weekend because the general consensus has been that new year's kind of sucked this year for most people (I spent much of mine stuck in the snow in the boy's car, which definitely sucked).
OK, my head hurts and I have to work on my December budget... (work, not personal, I wish I had a personal budget). That will likely make my head hurt worse.

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