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Friday, January 05, 2007

my god winter's a bore

I have neither overheard nor participated in a conversation about anything besides the weather and the havoc it's wreaked in many, many days. It is funny to remember that just a few weeks ago I was longing for a cold, wintry day so that I could stay in my house, watching movies and puttering around with lots of yarn, because I have some sort of weird internal thing where I can only stay inside and be lazy if it's cold and/or dark outside. Well, wish granted, except that I am now officially sick of being inside with yarn and my ass actually hurts from sitting on my couch. Even the dogs, the only creatures in this world who never get sick of me look, if not sick, slightly bored by me. And I don't blame them, not one whit. I did force myself to the gym last night, despite pounding headache and overwhelming existential fatigue. I listened to Janis Joplin on my dying ipod while riding the stationary bike and thumbing through a left-behind copy of Shape magazine (I have a love of reading stupid magazines while on the stationary bike, they are just so chock full of endless advice: eat this, walk there, stretch like this, visit this place, try communicating in this way; it's sort of fantastic). I went home after and was pretty much ready to throw in the towel at 8:30, crawl into bed with my big thick tome and try not to pass out with the book on top of me. But then the phone rang and I ended up on the receiving end of a friend's monologue, which was sort of better than reading as I could rest my eyes and just occasionally murmur so as to make it clear I was listening.
Apparently the next storm will be mild, although I no longer believe anything the weather forecasters say. After all, if we end up getting another two feet, they'll just explain what happened (a cold air system moved in and became literally fixed over Agua Fria). One thing that's clear is that three or four days of bad weather combined with just a little bad luck (downed power lines, a bad accident, something) and Santa Fe could easily be undone and for good. This past week has revealed just how poorly prepared our infrastructure is, and this isn't to cast stones. Infrastructure is kind of a long-term investment and clearly the city has been struggling to respond now in the way that it should have responded immediately had it been prepared to respond immediately, which it wasn't. The comments on the new mex's story about potholes are hilarious; trust Santa Fe readers to hone in on the fact that the person featured in the story was driving a Mercedes!

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