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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

the iceman cometh

The most serious problem with blogger 2 is that I can't seem to use it from my Sidekick, which was the only means I had of communicating for the last... um, several million hours. Being snowbound, quite literally, gave me lots of time to think. Thinking, it turns out, is not really my strong suit. And being a shut-in, though novel on day one, became rather gruesome by day, um, 7? Prompting this interchange between the boy and myself.

ME: Why do I feel so gross?
Boy: Because you've been wearing the same sweatshirt for three days?

Other thoughts:

1. Not having Internet at home because you have it at work and how much Internet does one person need anyway is a reasonable position during normal times. During a blizzard it becomes the stupidest idea in the world and results in trying to read the local papers on a telephone, which results in a blinding headache.

2. Reading the local papers (on the phone or not) during a blizzard is a waste of time because they have no information of any use in them anyway.

3. Watching the local news is of no help whatsoever because apparently Santa Fe doesn't have any news since there was no information about anything in Santa Fe for the last five days.

4. People who drive SUVs without any care about the environment are smarter than the rest of us.

5. People, like myself, who drive sports cars are idiots and deserve to be trapped in their houses (save a rescue visit from Samia yesterday who took me to a restaurant, thus prompting me with a reason to take a shower).

6. People who are trapped at home for days on end and manage to do nothing besides read and knit are, clearly, very very lazy.

7. The city and county have done such a poor job clearing the streets it's unfathomable.

8. For all the talk about emergency preparedness, we are clearly not prepared for a snowstorm, let alone a terrorist attack. In fact, terrorists could attack us with snow and we'd be pretty much screwed.

9. Holiday vacation seems to have stressed me out more than normal coming to work.

10. Miss summer.

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