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Monday, January 29, 2007


I had a very strange weekend. Friday night I went out as planned, had a nice time, came home, went to bed at a decent hour, having had one glass of wine. Woke up Saturday feeling massively groggy and out of it. Worked out for an hour and a half and drove home from the gym in a total fog. The kind of fog where all of a sudden you realize you are in the turning lane for Sam's Club for no reason. Went home and passed out for the better part of the day. Woke up, could still barely focus. Cancelled plans. The boy got us take-out. He, about 20 minutes after we ate, was struck with food poisoning and was sick all night. Woke up Sunday, could barely move, stayed in or near bed until 2 pm (for the record, this is very odd behavior for me. I'm usually up and at 'em at about 6). Finally, took a shower, came down to work and, suddenly, at around 4, the fog lifted and I felt perfectly normal again. Just in time to have dinner, go back to bed and get up for work. It was just really strange. And not exactly ideal, since I spent a large bulk of the weekend unconscious.
Right now I should be writing our school board endorsements, but we haven't quite reached a conclusion in one of the races. To be honest, I'm a tiny bit sick of writing endorsements. I think anyone who wants to be on any local board should just be allowed to be on it. Enough with elections. Especially with the schools, the more the merrier I say.
I came to work to find numerous angry letters over my interview with the rooster last week. Angry letters, I should say, all with the same header, giving the sense of a unified letter campaign. They were almost all unsigned. I wrote back a few to get names and find out if they were for publication. Only one person wrote back so we'll publish that one. Fun times! The letters are pretty angry, although my interview was supposed to be more funny than anything. You know, like this is funny. hahahaha!
Meanwhile, on the Richardson beat, I was surprised to read that John Dendhal is leaving NM. Dendahl has been a part of the political landscape for a long time. Now, I can see that if your main thing is to criticize Bill Richardson you might feel a little Cheese Stands Alone these days here. I wonder what the real story is. And, I wonder what ever happened with the Quail Run condo elections Dendahl also was running in. Meanwhile, Richardson was on the road in Nevada, garnering some good press. I always forget he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize four times. I wonder if there's anyway to find out who nominated him.
I had trouble understanding this article about Richardson being a big spender. I think maybe they cut a sentence somewhere at the top that said something like Richardson may pretend to not be a big spender, because the subhed "don't let him fool ya" doesn't make any sense otherwise because the article never shows how he's trying to claim he's not a big spender. Unless I didn't read it carefully, which is entirely possible.
OK, big pile of things on my desk to read. These I better try to read carefully. Adios amigos.