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Monday, January 08, 2007

duty calls

I keep forgetting to mention (or am forgetting that I have mentioned) that I've been called for jury duty starting Thursday. I mailed in a request for excusal or postponement but was denied. I find it very unlikely anyone would want me on a jury given that I know all the judges, many of the lawyers, could end up on a case one of my reporters was covering etc. etc. So I'll go Thursday to orientation and try to make my case, but I have no idea what will happen. Theoretically, I think it would be interesting to serve on jury duty, I've never done it, but logistically speaking it will be a real nightmare given that there's no real backup plan for me not being here (hence the lack of vacations and working every weekend thing). Ho hum.
Meanwhile, put in a call to the new AG's office to talk to them about our pending complaint (hello: six months?), but no one has called me back yet. So responsive!