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Friday, January 19, 2007


Have just walked back to the office from lunch at Tia Sophia's. Am: full, cold and the phone is ringing.
OK, the phone is now not ringing. Why? Because I answered it. I alternate between answering the phone everytime it rings and not answering it all. The best calls are from people I know or don't know wanting to tell me about things we will look into. These calls are few and far between. The other calls are the ones in which the caller is disappointed. Today, for example:

* Therapist who is having trouble getting the word out about her practice. Wants an article (Editor: We don't really write those kinds of articles.
* Woman worried Bush is going to declare war in Iran, wants us to write/do something (Editor: I wish I could do something about that)
* Business owner wanting to fax something to our business editor for our business section (Editor: We don't have any of those things. Well, we have a fax machine, although if it were up to me we wouldn't).

On the bright side, no one has yelled at me today. It is, however, only 12:45.
Tonight I'm going to go see The English Beat, unless the weather really worsens and I end up homebound again. I stocked up on yarn the other day and got a good start last night with the Knittas, my little knitting group, who do not even know that is their name. We drank wine at St. Francis in between stitches and storytelling. It was lovely. Driving back from ABQ, on the other hand, was not. I am a very bad driver, nervous, squinty, either speeding or driving very slowly at any given moment. I also have terrible night vision and hate switching lanes. So merging into five lanes of rush-hour I-25 traffic was a little traumatic. There was one point, though, where I realized that turning down the deafening rap music might make the entire scene a little less adrenalized. That's why I love Santa Fe. Because I may be a bad driver, but there is always someone worse.