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Friday, January 19, 2007

as I was saying

My entire Friday morning post was lost when Firefox crashed. Why is technology trying to kill me?
Tonight, if you're snowed in, ill or very very bored, you can catch me on The Line at 7 pm on KNME. We talked about the Gov's state of the state speech, which, as my readers know, I thought was boring. I had fun being on the line; I'd been wanting to meet Whitney Cheshire for a while, since we've interviewed her several times, and because I think she's kind of exciting with her opinions.
Speaking of exciting, are the editors of the Albuquerque Journal on crack? Note, if you will, that the electronic version of the story about the guv being mistaken for someone on the Sopranos is headlined "Governor Pegged as 'Made Man'". That's a very stupid/bad headline, but not as racist/stupid as the one in the print version: Gumba or Gov? It's Hard to Tell
I really really really can not believe they printed that. I just really don't think that's right... wonder if they've gotten any reaction.